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I am an experienced Software Developer with a proven track record of 8 years in the industry. Throughout my career, I have primarily focused on leveraging my expertise in Rust, but I am equally enthusiastic about other languages such as Go, Python, Java and JavaScript to name a few. My passion lies in delivering exceptional experiences to end-users through my work. Outside of the professional sphere, I find great joy in nature, often indulging in activities like hiking, gardening, and nurturing my bonsai collection, which provide a refreshing balance to my life and work.

I'm available now for full time employment or contracting work.

You can get a copy of my current resume here.

Contact and Websites

Github: mgattozzi
LinkedIn: mgattozzi
Twitter: mgattozzi
Mastodon: @mgattozzi@hachyderm.io
Email: michael@ductile.systems